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of online experiences begin with a search engine.
of people never scroll past the first page of search results.
ignore paid search results & only click on organic results.
Without Search Engine Optimization your website won’t show up near the top of the search results, and since most people don’t click past the first page of search results, no one will find your website. This is one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make. They create a website, or pay someone to create it, and expect their potential customers to be able to find it and they don’t understand why their website isn’t generating leads.

Having your website show up for your potential customers requires a lot of work and time. To be completely upfront, this isn’t something that can be done in a couple of days or even a few weeks. It usually takes several months to get a website on the first page of the search results and can even take longer depending on the level of competition. Which is why it’s important to get started as soon as possible and not put it off until later.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting your website’s visibility and making it easier for search engines to find and categorize it. The goal is the get your website at or near the top of the organic search results. This is done by making sure the search engines know that your website provides relevant and quality content related to specific searches.

Some basic elements of SEO include:

  1. Providing relevant and quality content
  2. Using keywords to make that content relevant to specific searches
  3. Site speed and mobile-friendliness
  4. How visitors interact with your website
  5. Links to your website to increase domain authority

Some of the features of our SEO Services

Our Services are focused on helping your website show up for the searches that you’re potential customers are doing. This starts by taking the time to get to know your business and your potential customers. Understanding what your potential customers are searching for is key to your website’s success.

We are unable to provide set pricing due to all of the variables of what it will take to get a website near the top of the search results. Some of those variables include competition, age of the site, the current content, current ranking, number of products/services, etc. So we will provide a custom bid for all Search Engine Optimization services.
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content analysis
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Image Description
  • Image alt tags
  • Site maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Seach Console
  • Speed testing
  • Progress monitoring
  • Evidence-based refinement

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